Living in London – Places to Go, People to See This Week

Well, I’m officially back in the UK from my long stint in the States. In between strong bouts of homesickness (which I’ve never fully recovered from since moving to London three years ago) and napping to get over jet-lag, as soon as my plane touched down yesterday, I hit the ground running. If you’re making an international relocation to London yourself, you’ll soon learn that this city will keep you on your toes. There is never nothing to do, just as Samuel Johnson observed back in 1777:

“No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” [read more]

Relocation to London UK – London’s Favorite Old Haunts (Part 3)

A relocation to London can be a frightening prospect when the unknown and unseen challenges of moving overseas are an ongoing presence weighing on your mind and heart. Hey, I understand—just like all the London Relocation agents, I’ve been there and done that. My relocation to London from the US was fraught with heartache over what I was leaving behind and sheer fear of what would lie ahead; for as much as you can anticipate in advance, there’s always something lurking in the shadows waiting to leap out at you or prey on your mind in the night as you try to sleep. I’ve lived to tell my horror story and love living in London as a result, but it’s a fact that having a relocation company with the heart and soul of our London Relocation agents on your side is an invaluable resource for exposing any monsters hiding under the bed (i.e., shady landlords, lettings agents, or lease terms) and warding off evil through the goodness of expat empathy and genuine compassion.

The stress of relocating to London shall pass into the annals of your own personal history, but the intrigues of London’s past forever lives on in its present. Even London’s pubs have interesting histories, and as I’ve been describing the last couple days, they bear the emotional baggage of some long-term “tenants” of their own…

Relocation to London UK – London’s Favorite Old Haunts (Part 2)

If you’re moving to London from the US this month—or have already arrived—and are as into Halloween as I and a lot of other American expats here are, you might be wondering if it’s celebrated in London. Well, it certainly is, but not to the same extent as back home. Last week I listed off some Halloween events in London coming up, and if attending one of those parties, you’ll find that the locals don’t quite grasp our American way of dressing up in costume as anything from politicians to Saturday Night Live characters to abstract concepts like “chick magnet” or “Freudian slip.” What they do embrace, however, is the spooky—you can be anything, really, as long as you’re splattered in blood—and there’s really no better place than London for getting your freak-out on.

And not just at Halloween but any time of year! This place is haunted as hell! Yesterday, I commenced my list of famously haunted London pubs, so let’s continue, shall we? [read more]