Relocation UK: The LESS-Lazy Expat’s Way to Understand UK vs. Great Britain, etc. (Part I)

If you’re moving to London and still trying to figure out what the difference is between England, Great Britain, and the UK, I’m finally following up on my recent post, “Relocation UK: The Lazy Expat’s Way to Understand United Kingdom vs. Great Britain, etc.” Those three names are NOT synonymous with one another. If you want just a quick primer that will literally help you understand at a glance (for you visual learners out there), I recommend checking out that post. Or, uh, you know, I guess you could just look at the Venn Diagram to the right here. Your call. As for today, I’ll be elaborating a bit more on how these boundaries and groupings have come about. It wasn’t just for the sole purpose of confusing us expats. 😉

Let’s start with Ireland.