Enjoy Local Festivals after Moving to London

After moving to London many families like to explore and discover cultural traditions of their new home country. England is deeply steeped in ancient traditions and beliefs and many are still practiced today. With the New Year upon us and families often looking for ways to celebrate every family after moving to London should consider a visit to the Twelfth Night Festival.

Relocation to London – Odd Christmas Traditions in the U.K.

Americans moving to London are often surprised to find that many of their cherished holiday traditions stem from the British Isles. Before Christianity arrived Pagan traditions ruled the UK. Rather than try and establish new traditions Roman Christians integrated the Pagan with the Christian. Christmas is just one of the resulting holidays. London relocation agents can point London newcomers in the right direction if they are interested in learning more about the British origins of Christian holidays.

Relocation to London – Shop Local for Holiday Gifts

Christmas can be difficult time for Americans moving to London, especially when friends and family back home in the states are expecting traditional British gifts sent to them. There are, of course, just as many department stores and retail outlets for families to visit to complete their holiday shopping as the states offer, but, honestly, the fare will probably be about the same. For those wanting to step off the beaten path, discover traditional British crafts and trinkets, and support local artisans and crafts people, a day visiting the Duckie Christmas Market is a perfect place to begin.

Relocation to London – Family Fun

If your international relocation to London includes younger children, you need to start making a list of places that you can take them during the winter. It’s not always possible to get outdoors, especially when it rains for days on end, but London is a city of travellers so it’s superbly geared up to handle even the most hardened of expat children. If you make a list and take advantage of some of the amazing discount offers for pre-booking, you can have an entire winter season of events lined up with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.