London Flats – Where To Meet Chinese People In London

If you are relocating from China to move into London flats, it is understandable that you want to meet new people. Generally, it is easier to meet people who have come from the same country as you, because this can help you to settle in quicker. If you are hoping to plan some social events before you move into London flats, think about using the Internet, socializing in bars and restaurants and participating in language learning lessons.

Moving to London – Be Prepared for an Attack of the Ps & QS

To put it quite frankly those moving to London are often shocked to realize how much more manners and etiquette matter to our British cousins. Manners have all but disappeared in the States but that is not the case in London. Those moving to London should brush up on their etiquette before the plane touches down and social faux-pas are made.

Relocation to London – Homesick During the Holidays

Anyone living in London for a short while may be experiencing bouts of homesickness and loneliness. Those Americans moving to London with a partner or spouse might find that the transition is easy, but those single in the city may find it a challenge to adjust to living in London. The holidays can be especially hard when one finds themselves alone in a country thousands of miles from family and traditions.