Living In London – ‘All My Bag’s Are Packed…’

Part of the moving to London process will be your packing and storage before you leave your home town. Packing for an international move is a lot more complicated than a local move. You need to be fairly organized to make sure that when you’re unpacking in your new London rental that you’re able to settle in as fast as possible.

Living In London – Cutting Coupons

No doubt about it, living in London is expensive. When you’re moving to London you’ll have all sorts of expenses in the first few months that may leave you a little strapped for cash after paying for new furniture, London rental deposits, and connecting your home to the outside world.

Living In London – Tour London By Taxi

If you just started your grand adventure of living in London then you’ll want to get acquainted with your city as fast as possible. If you’re still a little nervous about venturing out of your apartment and taking the tube to some of the tourist attractions then why not take a black cab tour of the city. London black cabs are an iconic part of this vibrant city and they offer a unique perspective on the city from someone who really knows their way around.