After moving to London…Throw a Party!

Moving to London from America can be a difficult task. Leaving behind one’s family and friends, not to mention entire culture, can take its toll. After the international relocation is complete, the boxes unpacked and day to day monotony of life has begun many moving to London from America find homesickness has settled deep within their souls. To alleviate these pains there are several remedies. One remedy that seems to help in more ways than one is to host an American party.

Relocation to London – Do You Need A Professional?

The first thing you have to remember when you’re planning your relocation to London is that you are moving to a foreign country. Even Americans moving to London find it oddly unsettling to be thrust into the heart of a very different way of life and an unfamiliar city. There are a number of excellent reasons to make use of one of the professional London relocation agents.

Relocation Jobs – Moving to London and Finding Employment

If you are moving to London with your spouse or partner, then they will probably have a visa sponsored for them through their employer. If you want to work when you get to London, you will have to apply for a visa based on your spouse’s visa. They do sometimes issue a separate visa, which will mean that you are eligible to work in the United Kingdom. You might have to get your visa renewed while you are there but it does not take long to process.

Relocation to London – Juggling Your Expat Budget

The thing is; your relocation to London is not a vacation. It is just as exciting and thrilling as a grand holiday in Europe, except you have to pay the bills. If you are moving to London as part of a relocation jobs program, then you’ll have to be very careful right up front when it comes to your salary package. Even if you’re only considering the opportunity of relocation to London you’ll want to have a good idea of what your expenses will be when you arrive in the city.