Learning to Use Public Transportation after Moving to London from America

Many people moving to London from America decide to use public transportation instead of either bringing or buying a vehicle. This choice is highly recommended as it is actually quicker and easier to move about the city via the Tube or bus. For longer or more emergent trips a cab can easily be found. While many moving to London from America may be used to public transportation a large chunk of the US hardly relies on it at all. For them, a breakdown of London’s transportation system is described below.

Relocation to London – Is a Car Really Necessary?

Most Americans moving to London own or lease a car back here in the states. There are very few cities that have public transportation adequate enough to allow their residents to get where they need to go without a car. London is different. London has one of the world’s best public transportation systems and is proud of that accomplishment. Not only is a car unnecessary for those living and working in the city, having a car can be very expensive between all the fees and parking charges.

Relocation to London – The world can be your Oyster (card)

The biggest aspect of moving to London is learning about how the transport system works. Many Americans moving to London assume they will be able to get a car, but you don’t need it, you definitely don’t want the hassle and you’ll be using public transport for the most part after your relocation to London.