Relocating to London with Pets in 2015

Finding pet friendly property in London is going to be one of the biggest aspects of relocating to London with pets in 2015. It’s so big, in fact, that we have a specialized pet-friendly flat finding service that caters to our furry clients and their humans!...

Expat Pets – Moving to London with a Dog (Part 1)

I’ve written a lot about moving to London with an accompanying spouse and/or children, but many expats make the relocation to London with another loved one in tow: their pets. As I do not own a pet myself, I had the pleasure of picking a friend’s brain about her experience owning a dog in London. Like me, she relocated to the UK from the US with her husband, and in getting settled into this city, it was just as imperative that their dog felt at home. Here’s a few of her pet pearls of wisdom: [read more]

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