Guide to London Neighborhoods – Notting Hill

Following our guide to London neighborhoods last week, we’ll be continuing our journey through some of the most popular areas in London to give you the most up to date information, which will help you make a choice when planning your move to London. It’s...

Flats in London – New Kids on the London Blocks

It goes without saying that London is an enormous city. Hmm, if it goes without saying, why did I just say it? Well, perhaps it bears emphasizing when it comes to finding flats in neighborhoods that are suitable for you. It’s difficult to know where to begin when...

Moving to London in June

Moving to London in June is perfect. Long summer days and the glorious days of July, August and September ahead, youi’ll find yourself amazed at how much there is to see and do after you move.

Americans Moving to London in 2012

The best advice for Americans moving to London is to get settled into your new London apartment and then get out of it! The best way to experience London and to start exploring your new city is to take part in the many tours that London has to offer tourists.