Relocation to London – We’ve Got your Number

One of the most important details is getting a National Insurance number. If you’re being transferred as part of a relocation jobs package by your company then they will probably take care of the details for you. But what about your partner or spouse? You can ask your London relocation services company to help you with applying for an NI card.

Living In London – Getting a National Insurance Number

If you are going to be living in London for any amount of time, then you’ll have to apply for a National Insurance number as soon as you arrive. It is as important as having a Social Security number and will have a huge impact on your life in London and the facilities and services that you are allowed to use. An NI number is a sort of identification number that the government will use to identify you and your contributions to tax, and other services while you are living in London. It is important in a number of ways including signing a lease on a London apartment, opening a bank account and using the health care services and hospitals.