Living In London – School Days

If you are considering moving to London with children, your first thought is going to be for their schooling. The education system in England is slightly different from that in America or Canada, and it can be confusing at first. You might be tempted to place your older children into an American style school especially if they are of college going age, and there are several schools in London that offer the America syllabus, If you have younger children however, you’ll find that placing them into a local school will help them make friends in the community.

Living in London – Education and Schooling: The State School System

It can be a bit of a challenge if you are moving to London with children of school age. Schooling will be of paramount importance, and the fact that children have to attend the school that is closest to where they live, will have an impact on where you decide to live in London. Attending school outside of the catchment area is nearly impossible, and there would need to be very specialized circumstances for a child to be allowed to attend a school in another district.

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