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Our cheeky guide for London newcomers.

Relocation to London – Top 10 British Films For This Week's Holidays

If you’re moving to London and following this blog, you might recall that the other week I mentioned compiling a list of recommended Halloween movies set in London or England in general (see “Relocation to London UK – Top 5 Halloween in London Posts”). I myself had almost forgotten! Well, if you’re planning your London move and trying to imagine what life will be like walking its streets, don’t worry, they’re not as horrific as what’s depicted below (not that the London property market isn’t terrifying at times…). This is just for a bit of fun as you prepare to live in the historic and atmospheric UK that lends itself so well as haunting backdrop to all sorts of spooky lore.

Happy Halloween – enjoy!

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London Relocation's Top 5 – Money Matters

Welcome back, Weekend Warriors! Yes, it's time once again for a compilation of our previous blog posts and feeling a bit cost-conscious about it. How much does it cost to live? How much does it cost to rent a flat? How much is a fair salary to expect when negotiating...

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London Relocation's Top 10 Posts: Property Advice

Hello everyone who's moving here! I've decided it's time once again to deliver a list of top posts...usually I do five, but today will double the pleasure with ten. The reason why I do like to compile these lists now and then is to unearth all the useful tips that get...

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Rule Britannia! London Relocation's Top 5 Monarch Films

I've said it before and can safely say again that moving to London is your key to history and culture, and the endless references to this city that you'll find in what you read and watch without even trying is one of the most fun aspects of being a London expat. I...

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London Relocation's Top 5 Favorite Blog Articles

As I update our blog daily, I find that I am often able to cross-reference previous posts I've written, as their advice on moving still rings true over time.  So I thought I'd offer a compilation of links here to some of my favorite groupings as a start to helping you...

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to London: Part II

Guess who's FINALLY getting around to posting #6-10 on her Top 10 Reasons to Move to London list from last week?  Really?  Well, if you see her, please ask if she minds posting my list, too; it's so hard to narrow it down! All right, all right, I'll see if I can limit...

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Top 10 Reasons to Move to London: Part I

The decision to relocate here is easier for some than others.  Maybe you're being transferred for your job and feel like you have no choice.  Maybe you're moving to London without a job and have no clue how you're going to get your visa, but you're bound and...

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5 Recommendations for Families Moving to London

Relocating to the UK with a spouse and/or children?  A move to London is difficult enough to undertake on one's own, so throwing additional numbers into the mix takes it to another level with different things to consider.  While by no means an exhaustive list, below...

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