How to Move to London and Get Settled in Five Easy Steps

Once the job has been taken families often begin to wonder how to move to London and are eager to start their new life in England. Many though have no idea where to begin and quickly become over-stressed and begin to resent the new move. In order to prevent a meltdown occurring in your new home follow these easy ‘how to move to London’ steps to make the transition from the US to England as smooth as possible.

Relocation to London – Top 10 British Films For This Week's Holidays

If you’re moving to London and following this blog, you might recall that the other week I mentioned compiling a list of recommended Halloween movies set in London or England in general (see “Relocation to London UK – Top 5 Halloween in London Posts”). I myself had almost forgotten! Well, if you’re planning your London move and trying to imagine what life will be like walking its streets, don’t worry, they’re not as horrific as what’s depicted below (not that the London property market isn’t terrifying at times…). This is just for a bit of fun as you prepare to live in the historic and atmospheric UK that lends itself so well as haunting backdrop to all sorts of spooky lore.

Happy Halloween – enjoy!

Relocation to London UK – Top 5 Halloween in London Posts

An international relocation to London at this time of year is just in time for the holidays. Well, minus one holiday, perhaps…Thanksgiving is an American festivity that expats around the city will indeed continue to celebrate, but it obviously isn’t observed nationally in England. In any case, it’s October, so Halloween is the holiday at the forefront of my morbid mind. If you’re moving to London from the US like I did and wondering how to celebrate this ghoulish gala, here’s a round-up of our London Relocation blog posts dedicated to the UK undead. Just click the links below… [read more]