London Neighborhoods – Marylebone

One of the benefits to moving to London is all the interesting London neighborhoods right at one’s disposal perfect for a day of exploring. Tucked within the borders of Westminster Council is the quaint neighborhood of Marylebone – odd sounding, but worth the trip. One of the oldest of London neighborhoods Marylebone offers some of the best, most eclectic shopping in the city. It is also home to many sight-seeing hotspots. The picturesque setting of the area has brought superstars such as Madonna to call it home and Sir Paul McCartney to choose it as the location of not one, but two weddings.

The Benefits of a Pre-Move Visit when Moving to London from America

It may be tempting for those moving to London from America to try and cram everything humanly possible into a pre-move trip to the city but we recommend to focus on the most important issues and then try and enjoy the mini-vacation. There will be plenty of time for crazed running around after moving to London from America. The pre-move trip should be reserved for finding a home and getting acquainted with the town. One should consider it like a first date of sorts.

An American Moving to London – Explore Your New Country

One of the many benefits to being an American moving to London is the new experiences awaiting you. Unlike your London neighbors absolutely every experience is new. In an effort to take full advantage of your time in England day trips and weekend trips should be planned as often as possible. Perhaps at no other time in your life will you have as many exciting opportunities as your stint being an American moving to London.

After moving to London…Throw a Party!

Moving to London from America can be a difficult task. Leaving behind one’s family and friends, not to mention entire culture, can take its toll. After the international relocation is complete, the boxes unpacked and day to day monotony of life has begun many moving to London from America find homesickness has settled deep within their souls. To alleviate these pains there are several remedies. One remedy that seems to help in more ways than one is to host an American party.

Prepare for Cultural Differences in Service after Moving to London

There are many subtle differences one will inevitably notice after moving to London. Dependent on where one hails from in the States London can be cozy and friendly or downright rude. Many Americans moving to London for the first time confuse British humor and well-controlled emotions as cold and uncaring. Nothing could be farther from the truth! To truly appreciate the British all those moving to London must accept themselves as Londoners and let go of the tourist way of thinking.