Moving to London – London will Light up Your Life

If you’re making a relocation to London, you’ll surely be charmed by the lovely black iron lamps lining the streets as you look for London apartments with your London Relocation agent. In combination with the rows of columned terraced houses, it may transport you back to Victorian times. Sort of. The street lamps today are lit by electricity, obviously.

But think of this: by 1823, there were 40,000 gas lamps in London that had to be lit one by one by hand thanks to the lamplighters. That’s tremendous! How laborious, and yet how romantic.

In any case, I just stumbled on this other… [read more]

Relocation to London – Portmanteau MoFo

Sorry for my ghetto title if you’re making an international relocation to London and simply looking for some helpful information for that. Well, I still can’t promise that you’re going to get that in this particular post (please utilize our search tool to find good stuff on London apartments, London neighborhoods, why using a London Relocation agent is so imperative, how to prepare for a London move, etc.), but there’s a topic that I’ve been itching to write about since Thanksgiving, and while I know this is belated, I’m slap-happy today, quite frankly.

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Moving to London – Understanding the Tax on Your Telly

When you make a relocation to London, you’ll readily discover there might be different taxes you have to pay in the UK than you’ve had to deal with before. It goes without saying that the UK has its own income tax structure that includes contributions to NHS, etc., but the ones that usually catch expats moving to London by surprise are council tax and TV license. Today, I’ll explain the latter… [read more]

Relocation to London – Accommodating for Your Accommodation (Part 3)

Welcome back if you’re planning an international relocation to the UK and wondering where to stay before you officially move into your London apartment rental. In my previous two posts on the topic, I’ve been discussing how before you can actually live in London in a fixed location, you need to spend some time here while you look for said property. In Part 2 of this series, I listed off some value London hotels to consider if you only need a few days of temporary accommodation (which the London Relocation agency makes absolutely possible given their one-day guaranteed flat-finding service!)

You might, however, be considering a longer stay here… [read more]

King Charles II

Hey there, Weekend Warriors! It’s another Sunday round-up of the monarchs that have shaped London, England’s history, a bit of cultural food-for-thought as you prepare your international relocation to London. Last week, we saw the restoration of the monarchy after two “terms” of Commonwealth rule under Oliver Cromwell and his son Richard Cromwell. Today, we’ll meet King Charles II, who finally assumes his rightful seat on the throne long after his father Charles I had been executed to make way for Commonwealth rule… [read more]