London Neighborhoods for Your Relocation to London- South Kensington

So long as were visiting South Kensington on your relocation to London we may as well cover the most sought after building in the area, Prince Albert hall. Truly an amazing building it’s been in continuous use since it opened in 1871. Prince Albert’s vision is how it’s described; it really is an amazing place. For this month of September there are plenty of BBC Proms happening. The ceiling provides for amazing acoustics and it is a spectacular place to hear an orchestra. This Saturday for instance is a Rachmaninov production.

Americans Moving to London Find Thier London Apartment in South Kensington Area

Americans Moving to London Find Thier London Apartment in South Kensington Area
Brompton Road, Outside the Tube Station – Americans Moving to London Find Thier London Apartment in South Kensington Area

Many Americans moving to London will arrive to work with their London relocation services agent to find that they gravitate toward the familiar, while still wanting to take in all that is new to them while living in London. London relocation agents end up showing Americans many London apartments in the “Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea”. Perhaps their enchanted when they go down to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Thurloe Square area, or the lovely garden squares when exiting the tube station. Whatever the appeal is in particular it’s hard not to find something that will appeal to you in South Kensington. Certainly equally as affluent are the neighboring areas, Chelsea is a large draw for Americans moving to London. Knightsbridge and Kensington proper are all extremely nice areas to settle in while living in London too.

Relocation to London: Americans Moving to London Feel Right at Home on Oxford Street

Americans moving to London, as well as others who plan to relocate to London that has visited the UK most likely have made a visit to Oxford Street. Famed for its shopping since the early nineteenth century it remains one of the largest tourist attractions in the UK. With most retailers having their flagship stores on the street its congestion is literally in the air. This is due to all the diesel fuel run buses that run the street. Yes transportation to Oxford Street is readily available. The shopping district is served by four tube stations and is accessible from that many lines as well.

Relocation to London : Are They Really Feeding You a Load of British Bull in an American Steakhouse?

Well no, not exactly, I suppose that Could be possibly taken the American way, where the term “bull” rarely is referring to cattle of any kind. Actually it’s not the Yank bull I’m speaking of but the American style steakhouse in American Expat popular neighborhood of Covent Garden. “Hawksmoor” has been repeated about town as being the best steak in the city.

Relocation London: Relocate to the Pub- B@1

For a sect of our readers whom I think perhaps don’t get their fair share of posts, I thought I’d begin a series for night spots, clubs, and pubs. Now regardless of age or gender we all like to go out for a few belts sometimes and living in London affords you more than your fair share of places of opportunity. I thought it would be good to start with some chaps that know what it’s like to be an American moving to London. Owning directors

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Relocation London: Relocate to the Bar

, Rys Oldfield, and Leigh Miller, all American bartenders who worked back in the states together tending bar for TGIFridays, until just over 10 years ago they moved here and started their own bar empire. With 11 locations and one more in the works, I thought even if you’re looking for a place with your mates from work these locations are all about central London( everywhere but North London), and you’ll be close to one no doubt. Heck, if you are a student, or looking for jobs in London after your recent relocation to London,