Living In London – Tourist Spots Off The Beaten Path

While you are living in London you’ll have the opportunity of visiting all of the famous tourist attractions. Once you’ve done the London Eye, the Changing of The Guard Ceremony and the other hundreds of tourist spots, you may be looking for something a little less crowded. Perhaps not as expensive and something that will allow you to learn more about this fascinating city. It’s all about getting out of your London rental and immersing yourself fully in the entire experience.

Living In London – Touch Down!

You have just landed in London to begin your big adventure. Some people think it may be difficult to be living in London without knowing anyone, but the remarkable thing about moving to London is that it is a city of travelers. Much of the population of London is made up of people from other countries. There is so much opportunity to get out and meet people; you won’t feel alone for long.

Living In London – Getting a National Insurance Number

If you are going to be living in London for any amount of time, then you’ll have to apply for a National Insurance number as soon as you arrive. It is as important as having a Social Security number and will have a huge impact on your life in London and the facilities and services that you are allowed to use. An NI number is a sort of identification number that the government will use to identify you and your contributions to tax, and other services while you are living in London. It is important in a number of ways including signing a lease on a London apartment, opening a bank account and using the health care services and hospitals.