Living In London – Family Travel Part II

Moving to London? You might think you’re off on a grand adventure and that you won’t see your friends and family for a while, but believe me, as soon as you’re settled in your new London rental flat, you’re doorbell will be ringing with visitors, and people looking for a place to stay while they explore London. If you don’t want to turn your home into a bed and breakfast hotel, then you might want to give your friends and family a list of great places that they can stay in when they come to visit you in London. You can spend the days with them acting as tourist guide and showing off your new city, but still be able to head back to the haven of your new home at the end of a busy day of sightseeing.

Living In London – Family Travel

If you are moving to London, you’ll be doing a fair amount of entertaining of family and friends from back home, and you should have a list a list of different types of accommodation so that you don’t have them camping on your doorstep. While you might enjoy having hordes of people staying with you, London apartments are small and don’t have the space that you might expect. Finding budget wise accommodations can be a challenge in London, because it is so dependent on where you are situated. The best thing to do is to get people settled into a central location and then show them the London sights and top tourist attractions from there. You’ll save yourself a ton of trouble and housekeeping time.