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family relocation to London

Family Relocation to London: Our Best Advice & Tips

Moving to London with your family can be an incredibly enriching experience. Your family, and particularly your children, will get an international perspective on life and…

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new or old London home?

Old Home or New?: 3 Tips for Would-be London Homeowners

The debate over whether it’s smarter to buy an existing London home or build new seems to evoke especially adamant opinions. On the one hand, some…

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london areas

Americans Moving to London in October: Dealing with Fall, Holidays and Homesickness

With October looming and the holidays just around the corner again, your friends at London Relocation Services figured this post would again be of some use…

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finding an estate agent

Estate Agents: How to Identify One Who Will Work for You

If you’re looking to buy a house across the pond, then congratulations! London has one of the top real estate markets in the world. You’ll soon…

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london homes

What London Homes Will Look Like in 20 Years

A home twenty years ago probably would have had a VCR, a landline phone, and, if its occupants were of the tech avant-garde, dial-up Internet. Modern…

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